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We help building owners and property managers reduce energy expenditures and comply with environmental regulations. 

Our solutions combine sound engineering, prudent application of advanced technologies, and decades of experience retrofitting numerous buildings of every size and description.

Our roster of repeat customers is a testament to the benefits they derive from partnering with us, the soundness and durability of our work, and our commitment to service.


Jerritt Gluck (13).png

Red Wizard Boss of the Boiler

Jerritt Gluck

Jerritt Gluck, MFBA, is a materials engineer, researcher and entrepreneur specializing in building science. With over 25 years in the energy conservation field, he has developed and implemented a wide array of innovative solutions for energy management, building diagnostics, and system automation. 

In 2015 Jerritt founded Bonded Energy Solutions as part of the NYS Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP). BES deploys advanced technologies to diagnose, rectify and improve building performance. This includes tele-mechanics - the ability to remotely control heating systems, and SteamTech Systems, which automatically corrects imbalances in steam heated buildings to greatly reduce waste of energy.

Jerritt is a member of the Building Performance Institute's Multifamily Buildings Technical Standards Committee. He has been working closely with NYSERDA on projects that range from data collection to testing cutting edge tools and methods to conserve energy.  

Jerritt’s civic activities include founding the Oyster Bay Main Street Association and serving as its president. 

After receiving his MS Materials Engineering, MS Technical Systems Management, and BS in Engineering and Biology from SUNY - Stony Brook University, Jerritt Worked with Nobel laureate Paul Lautebur as an MRI/NMR sensor/probe designer.

Marc Schmerler solar power in NYC Voltair.png

Grand Poobah of the PV

Marc Schmerler

Marc is an expert in developing and constructing solar power projects in dense urban settings for residential and commercial clients. His skills, honed in New York’s complex architectural and regulatory environment include project planning, engineering, permitting, rigging, construction and coordination among myriad stakeholders. 

Marc’s career began in finance, which is a key factor in his ability to develop solar projects, where cash flow from savings drives project feasibility.  His experience in structured finance, combined with maximizing state and federal incentives helps owners realize significant dollar savings and attractive ROI’s.  

Before Marc began to apply his finance expertise in clean energy, he held senior roles in finance, operations, and strategy for marquee media companies and mobile-first businesses, among them the NY Daily News and many Time Inc. brands.

Marc received his BA, Finance, from Yeshiva University.

Joe Weinschreider PE Kinetic Voltair power cogeneration CHP trigeneration engineering.jpg

Not Your Average Joe

Joe Weinschreider P.E.

Over the last 20 years Joe has led large MEP projects around NY and elsewhere. These projects include mechanical systems, power generation plants, and large-scale upgrades in a wide variety of buildings.

Joe has designed over 30 CHP plants (co-generation and tri-generation) ranging from 0.5MW to 7MW, utilizing ICE and turbine gensets, natural gas-fueled as well as using landfill gas.

His many LEED-certified projects include wind power and innovative geothermal installations.

Joe designed and implemented projects in large healthcare facilities, multi-family residential buildings, commercial cold storage,  ice rinks, supermarkets and industrial facilities.

Joe has been working on the engineering and permitting aspects of NYC's Fashion Week for well over a decade, but prefers to relax doing decidedly unglamorous chores on his farm upstate.  

Joe received his BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from Alfred State College.

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